dogwood festival 2011

After the Women's Car Care Clinic & the Epic Birthday party for Trey, Dad took me and Clark to the Dogwood Festival in our local town. Lots of fun ensued!

{the infamous lamp at the downtown courthouse seen HERE and HERE }

One of the main events of the Dogwood Festival is the handmade things under the big white tent. We've never bought anything in the years past, but there we so many little trinkets & such we couldn't resist getting a bracelet from ParaCordsEast for each of us!! {pictured below}

{hello Dad!}

See what I mean?! They are super durable, can get wet, and look awesome. Go buy one!! 

They also have lanyards, key rings, and other various thing, but you'd better believe that I'm getting a key ring that matches my car...

When we realized that we didn't have any cash {hey, imagine that!}, we walked a couple blocks away to a Cashpoints and stopped at a new restaurant downtown. Looks like a good date night dinner place, hint hint Mama & Dad. ;)

Even though the Dogwood Festival is awesome all on its own, the BMX show definitely helped!! Seriously, these guys are FEARLESS, and even though they wiped out a few times {because dude was that ramp space small} they got right back up and acted like nothing happened! The best part? We almost had a preaching service right on the ramp by the MC, a friend of ours. Gotta love it!

{before the show, a lot of little were out there getting tips from the show guys.}

{the crew L to R: Austin {dad's student}, someone, the oldest guy, and a guy from Austraila. ;)}

One of the best parts of the show, besides the almost preaching, was the trick the oldest guy preformed. Apparently they wanted to pull our legs, because they picked random people out of the crowd and made them lay down on a mat while red shirt dude jumped over them. Crazy, man!

First, red shirt dude jumped over them...without a bike. The crowd screamed for more, so he jumped over them holding the bike...
...and finally jumped over them riding the bike!! Again, crazy right?!

After that, the real show started and these guys put it all out there and preformed some of the best tricks. For serious.

{this would be the almost preaching moment. like i said, it was awesome.}

After the show...

Kudos to Protown BMX for putting on a great show!! 

Signing autographs for the fans...

After that, we were outta there. Too many people & and, dude...it was HOT for April.

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