4th weekend, part two.

That's right; it's over two weeks since the 4th, but this was the first real holiday/get together with my new camera, and I can't pass up all the really cool pictures that I could take. So, here's the promised pictures of that weekend, part 2.
Once we ate the ice cream, and we ate a lot of it, we packed up and drove the 5 miles into our town, set up all the chairs (pic below) and settled in for the show.
Those who didn't have chairs sat on blankets, which was really hard to do when your skirt (remember, this was during the FF Challenge) is just a tad to big, thankyouverymuch.

We weren't settled in for long, though, because it was off to take pictures of the town commons in all it's patriotic glory. Really, it was pretty cool.
The water fountain:

The gazebo all decked out with rope lights and those little banner things. They have a techincal name, I'm sure. But I'm not good with techy stuff, as you all know. 

I love this picture. I promise it's not edited in any way, and I like it so much I got it developed and hung it on my photo wall/banner.

It's time of the fireworks, ya'll! We waited and waited, and debated whether or not to put our telephoto lens on, and waited some more. The fireworks didn't start until 15 mins. after they were scheduled to, but it was okay; they definetely made up for it in the finale. A video is coming soon, and I must say it's pretty funny because what we thought was the finale wasn't, so we all cheered and started to turn of the cameras, then realized it wasn't over. Really, it's quite funny...
Below are some of the pictures, actually the only ones that don't have those annoying lines, that I took. Note to self: make sure you have a tripod next year. Really, you need it.

There are sooo many more photos, but Blogger can't handle all of them. Plus, a lot of them are my attempt, and failure, to capture firework shots. Hope you enjoyed them! And next time don't let me post things that happened over two week ago, okay? :)

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