ff challenge days 1 and 2

Thanks for understanding about my not blogging the first day of the Challenge, readers! 
I tried to stick with the whole red, white, and blue thing, but I honestly don't have anything red that was okay to wear to church, so I stuck with blue and white. I was really surprised at the number of people there who weren't wearing those colors...
Side note: I wore two different shirts yesterday. I felt like the first was to dressy to wear to the fireworks show, so I changed after all the swimming and eating was over. Just thought you should know! :)
Day 1's outfit...
I had to snap one with Mama. Isn't she so pretty?! Those blue eyes kill me...or maybe it's because I didn't get them.
Outfit 1 specs:
Shirt: $4 from a second-hand store. It's a Liz Claborne, ya'll, and I was so excited to find a real bargain. Sometimes you have to sift all through ragged, worn out clothes at those kind of stores, and that's just not my thing.
Tank top: My trusty ol' $5 tank top. It's about to be retired, though.
Skirt: I've worn it for the Challenge before, but here's the details again. Actually, I can't remember! I know it was on sale at JCPenny's , maybe somewhere around half off. Look through my archives if your really interested.
Shoes: Brown Speedo's from the local Sam's Club. $15, I think, but don't hold me to it. My memory seems to be faulty lately.
Hair and Jewelry: Mama French-braided my hair, and she did a really good job, too! My only piece of jewelry is my college cross necklace and a ponytail holder bracelet.
And here's what I wore to the fireworks. I was sooo comfy in it, actually.

Outfit 2 specs...
Shirt: Brand spanking new, ya'll! I got it the day before (Saturday) the Challenge started, and I've defintely got my money's worth, even though I've worn it one time, since it was only $3.
Tank top, skirt, shoes, hair and jewelry: All the same from earlier, although I did change my hairstyle into a ponytail. Chlorine is not my friend, even though I spend half of the day in there. It's a good thing I'm not a blonde...
Finally, we're at today's outfit! I thought this post would never, ever, ever end...and I'm typing it.
No mirror picture is complete with a self portrait now that I have a DSLR. Heads up, guys, because I'm sure I'll have plenty to show you.
Dad snapped these after I saw the mirror ones. They just weren't cutting it for me, so I made, er, asked him nicely to dry off (he and Clark were in the pool) and come take a few. Thanks Dad!
So serious, SA. What can you be thinking about? :)
Day 2 outfit specs...
Dress: Pink and purple plaid one from Kohl's. I know it was on sale, but I have no idea how much it was. $15, maybe?
Shoes: None! I did slip on my Speedo's, but other than that, I was barefoot the whole day.
Hair and Jewelry: My usual, at home hairdo. Brushed straight back and twisted in a bun type thing. Not pretty , but it gets the job done. Just my necklace for today, though. I think my ponytail bracelet was used for my hair, like it's supposed to be. :)
Phew, I'm done! Thanks to Emily and her really cool Linky thing, linking up is even easier. Leave a comment when you drop by and I'm sure you'll make her day.

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  1. Very pretty outfits, Sarah-Anne! I'm so glad that you're joining me in the FF Challenge this week. Have fun! :)

    In Christ,