ff challenge days 4 and 5

I just can't seem to give up my blog-about-this-on-this-day-of-the-week posts. Ya'll will forgive me, right? :)

Day 4 outfit specs…
Dress: Actually, I was wearing it when I took my current profile picture, but since you can’t see it, I doubt you recognized it. That’s all right; I didn’t even think of it myself! I believe it was originally $50 from a little store at the beach, but it was on sale (of course.) for $20. Score, if I do say so myself. The reason it was on sale was because the people who made it made the spilt down the front way too low. A little sewing fixed that right up, so a huge round of applause to Mama.
Shoes: Brown Speedo’s. I’m not a shoes kind of girl, so three pairs (flip-flops, Sperry’s and nice shoes to wear to church.) will do. Of course, another pretty pair, or two, ever hurt anyone.
Hair and Jewelry: I blow-dried my hair right after I got dressed, then brushed it straight back and put on a brown headband, and subsequently got a headache from wearing the headband all day. I searched high and low for the earrings I bought to go with the dress, but I ran out of time, so I was only wearing my necklace. The college cross one, that is.

Day 5 outfit specs…
Dress: Remember this Challenge post? Well, that dress is reversible, so, technically, I’m not wearing the same dress, but only if you want to get technical. If not, that’s fine. I do believe it was $19 something at Target. I heart Target sooo much…
Tank top: Sigh. Do I really have to type it out? How about guessing? Guessing games are fun. Besides, all you have to do is scroll down to my last Challenge post and look!
Shoes: Black flats. And, in case you haven’t figured it out, they’re my church shoes. In fact, they need a good cleaning. Maybe I can get Clark to practice his shoe-shining skills…
Hair and Jewelry: Blow-dried and in a side ponytail. Easy enough, right? Jewerly isn’t anything special; just my necklace. I promise next time I go shopping I’ll get some pretty things.
I’m off to link up at  , and I hope to see you there! Also, Clark wanted you guys to know that he's been taking the pictures. :)

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