almost wordless wednesday: me and my bro

Some pictures Dad snapped on the last day of the Challenge were just too good to stay on the computer, locked away in the picture files, so on the blog they go! Can you see the family resemblance? Really, it's not hard...
A typical Clark face, along with a typical face I make at Clark often. He's so annoying it's funny, most of the time. Sometimes it's just plain annoying.

What a jump shot, SA! Clark's arm is in it, so I'm not breaking my own rules or anything, just bending them a little. Besides, it's a great jump shot. Wait? I already said that? My bad.
And this is how the photo shoot ended. Me shaking my head and Clark acting all cool and tough guy. With his fishing glasses, no less. He's not even a fisherman; he threw up the whole time he went last summer. Poor guy...
Look for the second part of the 4th weekend tomorrow, okay? I've already got one person waiting. Yes, I'm looking at you, Emily! :)

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