monthly makeover 6

I had the best time looking googling "blog backgrounds" and looking at the choices they gave me, unlike the past months. Google, you are my best friend right now, and I'm sure Swagbucks would be my best friend, too, if I could convince Dad to let me register.
Back to my background, because, really...that story is neither here nor there.
Since I'm not a fan of leaving holiday themed backgrounds up for the whole month, I decided to opt out of having one that had words plastered all over it, or little stars...stuff like that. I think this month's background meets my criteria, don't you? Of course I do; I wouldn't have picked it if I didn't!
Click on over to Hot Bliggty Blog via this link, or the button below...

...and have fun viewing all their bloggy bling. Oh, and while I have your attention, can I direct you to my new and improved profile picture? Thanks to all who voted, and for being such I great sport when I asked you to re-vote on a profile picture, even though you had done it a week ago. Virtual hugs all around!
I'll be back after I recover from all the swimming/eating/picture taking I'm sure to do this weekend. Make sure to check your readers later next week, okay?

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