five reads for friday

Apparently, there was a memo I didn't get over at I heart Faces. See, since they've re-vamped their look, not to mention a new domain, all special photo posts have been lacking, so they're wasn't even a photo to edit last week. I know that I said I'd do it this week, but I'm really considering cutting back on my blog-about-this-on-this-day posts (i.e. see the sidebar to vote on which ones you'd like to keep, and which ones you aren't into. thanks in advance!), so I've save Fix It Friday for next week. Confusing, I know...
With that being said, let's take a look at the posts that made me laugh and cry this week. Although, I mostly laughed. And, come to think of it, never cried. Oh well, it just sounded more poetic that way!
"All Sorts of Celebrations" by A. Ann. Her pictures? Awesome! Enough said, really. It amazes me how God works in her life, and yes, I know He works in all of ours. But the way she puts them into words, and just plain recognizes them? I'm awestruck.
"Holy Sunburn, Batman" by Patrice. I laughed...and then I cringed. After I got over the fact that it wasn't photo-shopped, I started to wonder what kind of bathing suit would make that pattern. I even wondered if I could get one.
"The Single Lady Pancake" by Joy. I wonder if us young women, married or not, have ever had some of Joy's hilarious thoughts run though our heads. Admit it, because I am. :)
"It Must Be Rough" by AllisonO. Okay, I've got to come clean on this one: I was one of those girls who followed a baby, along with the mom, around the house, but never worked up the courage to ask to hold said baby. The only difference between me and those girls? 1. I'm not a blond. That was a given! 2. I own no Aeropostale shirts, much to my friend's dismay and 3. Well, plainly put, I don't have an OBaby to dote on. I'll have to fix that...
"What's in a Name" by Tiffany. I just started following Tiffany's blog, and I have to say I'm so glad I did. She's got such a great outlook on life, along with a great relationship with God, so it's a win-win for us all.
Make sure to vote on the poll, okay? Pretty please? Just think about it, why don't you? Kidding, kidding...

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