watching the pastor's kids

Ever wonder what we do when I say we've watched the pastor's kids that day? Well, here's your chance to find out!
Usually when we get there, which is somewhere around 9, Samantha is watching some Disney Channel movie, and Caleb is upstairs playing on the Xbox. Of course, that's if he's not asleep. Yes, that has happened, and it's pretty funny to run into his room and dog pile him. After that, Sam and I spend time watching insane amounts of iCarly. I'll admit it...I like iCarly. Not my first choice to watch on TV, but it's not like pulling teeth to watch it. Sometimes we'll watch something else, but I now know the whole iCarly theme song.

Before to long, the guys will emerge from a intense Battlefront war (don't worry; it's a game!) hungry and ready for the breakfast of champions: poptarts. Seriously, they're addicted to them, and they're not into the classics like I was. It's all ice cream sundae and cookies and cream. Disgusting, if you ask me. Sam'll eat some kind of cereal, and she and I'll plop right back down of the couch. Clark and Caleb will head back upstairs and get on the computer, usually to watch a Weird Al music video. I can also recite the whole Amish Paradise song.
After lunch, which is usually sandwich's and apple slices, we play Guitar Hero. Pics below. I'm now a awesome GH player...

Also? We laugh at Caleb and his funny faces, take pictures, jump rope, cart them off to summer camps, and just generally have a good time. Really, it's been awesome, and we were sad to learn that yesterday was the last day we'd watch them. Boo! :(

Oh, how could I forget? Here lately, I've been bringing my math with me. Some things never, ever change, but can I get a woot-woot for only 8 lessons left?!

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  1. This made me laugh!! I keep different kids full time for a living and this is the normal for just about any child! By the way, congrats on the math!! =)