beach weekend

Did you miss me this weekend? Of course you did. You might be wondering why I've been absent in the blogging world over the weekend, and here's why...
We were too busy wave jumping. And reading. And trying to keep sand out of things, and places, it shouldn't be. Overall, it was just what the doc ordered: a nice family vacation day. You can only float in the pool until your fingers are so shriveled you can't stand it for so many days in a row, you know?
The day started off bright and early at 6:30 when Mama got up for the day. Needless to say, I fell back asleep...thankfully! When I finally decided to get up for the day, Clark was running around like a mad man, counting down the hours until we would be there, along with how many hours we'd be able to stay. I will admit that I was, too. After all, it was my very belated birthday present!
On the way, loaded up and putting in the DVD we watched on the way down. Clark looks like such a manly man, doesn't he?
Me, Clark, my awesome sunglasses and equally awesome hair. Why did I have the most beautiful looking hair the day I went to the beach?!
I spy a girl who has a problem with taking pictures in mirror!
Immediately after we put down the bags, Clark had to go down to the water. Mama didn't want him to be alone, so she went looking for shells.
Meanwhile, I took pictures of the setup. Why, yes, that is a old sheet and an even older umbrella that wasn't worth anything. Thanks for asking.

And while we sat in the shade that only had enough for one person, the people who had money got these fancy things. The five minutes we stood talking to our friends who happened to be there that day was heaven.
After reading some, then finally giving into Clark's pleas to get in the water, we took a walk. And saw some very interesting people. I love people watching. And, if you click on the picture, you can see that I'm walking like an ape, while Dad and Clark are posing, looking all buff. Don't look at me, they started it!

Father dear and I. Is it just me, or is this picture melting your heart too?
Alas, it was lunchtime, and we decided to head up to the resort we parked at to eat some good beach food. Homemade, though. It was mighty tasty, and I do believe I ate my weight in watermelon and hummus, but that wouldn't be much anyways. Ever heard of a girl who hasn't broken the 80 lbs. mark...and she's 15? Well, that's me.
When we came back, it was like attack of the killer seagulls. It didn't help that the people we were next to were feeding them, actually. I kept a weather eye on them, just to see if what would happen when they stopped feeding them. I really wanted the guy to be pecked on his little bald head.

Sand covered feet. There's nothing quite like it, really.
When we'd had our fill of laying out, we bogey boarded some more, and the waves were awesome! Clark rode one all the way to the shore, and so did I. Full speed, too!

Helicoptors are a regular sight at the beach we go to. There were even guys sitting on the back of it, waving to all the people. I almost waved back, but remembered I had the camera. Quick thinking, SA.

Not long after that, I rode the best wave of the day, and my whole entire life, into shore. Everyone was cheering, then as I was breaking the waves and trying to get back out there, I felt something burning. Turns out I cut myself on some unknown object, salt water got in the cut, and it burned. Badly. We went up to the shower to try and rinse out the salt water, but the burning didn't stop for awhile. Mama and I made the trek to our friends condo and put on antibiotic stuff on it, but it wasn't anything a dip cone from Dairy Queen couldn't fix. :)
And so concludes our beach day trip. I loved having a camera with sports mode for the bogey boarding, and I loved riding in the waves even more than last time, even though it resulted in an injury. I can't wait to go back, and take a friend or two with me. Anyone want to put in an offer?


  1. I'll go with you!!! I loved all of the pictures, SA. :)

  2. Pick me, pick me! I want to go!!

    I LOVE the beach. I miss the beach. Sigh.

    When I was young, my family would vacation on the Outer Banks every summer. It was bliss. The last time I was there was 2007, when I was pregnant with Tobin. Maybe next year I'll convince my family to go again. :)

  3. I'll take all of you! Seriously, I love going with my family, but friends are pretty great, too.
    emily, call me with a weekend you can go. we're already planning a trip again before school starts, and even one in Sep. i'm sure it'll be warm enough...still!
    davene, i think i remember you mentioning that you went to the OB every year when you were little way back in a old post. we have friends down there who have a house that's over 100 years old and completely in the water on slits. ever heard of it? if we go this year, i'll be sure to post pics.
    thanks for your comments, ladies!

  4. That was a great day Sarah-Anne, sorry you had to wait a month to get to the beach for your birthday. Great pictures, as usual. Oh, yes, my heart most certainly melted away when I saw the picture! Need that copy for my office!