ff challenge day 3

Clark was so sweet to take my pictures today, and he took some really great ones. In fact, I was really surprised at how well they turned out! Maybe I should let him pick up the camera more often. I can't even pick a favorite...

Outfit specs…
Shirt: Green tissue t-shirt from Target for $5. I’m trying to add some more color, preferably solids, so when I found these on sale, I jumped at them. I think I even got two…
Tank top: Still that old, ratty, stained one I’ve been wearing. It’s got a million stains, but as long as I wear a shirt over it, I’m good to go.
Skirt: The same one I’ve worn for all my white skirt pictures. Hey, it’s the only white skirt I have, but at least I mix up the shirts a little!
Shoes: Man, I need some new things. Just slipped on my Speedo flip-flops before we ran out the door this morning. Well, at least they’re black instead of brown.
Hair and Jewelry: Not a lot of time this morning to mess around with my hair, so I just blow-dried it and left it down. As for my jewelry, I’m afraid it’s the same necklace as always. Sorry for not having a little variety in my accessories, readers.
Make sure to link up over at Emily's place so all the participants can see all your summery outfits, and so I can learn how to accessorize.

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  1. You're so cute, SA! This outfit is so adorable. :)