ff challenge days 6 and 7

FYI, yesterday I broke the rules and wore my bathing suit the whole day, although I did have on a dress like cover-up. That counts, right? Just though ya'll should know, because I'd hate for you to be wondering why I skipped pictures for the day.

Outfit specs:
Shirt: A solid blue t-shirt from Target for $8, I think. Funny story, though, because when I saw Samantha today, she said she almost wore the same shirt. Guess we have the same taste in clothing, which is fine by me. It might mean that I'll get some of her clothes later on. Hint, hint, Sam! :)
Skirt: Bought it last week, actually. It was one of the only things I bought that wasn't on sale, but it still wasn't too badly priced. I'll definitely get my money's worth out of this $15 skirt.
Shoes: I finally stole the brown Speedo's from Mama to wear today, then preceded to soak them, and my legs, completley while trying to get out of the car. SA, remember to step gently out of the car next time Dad's dropping you off at a store when it's raining cats and dogs. You'll be a lot better off in life if you remember that little tidbit...
Hair and Jewelry: Mama side braided my hair since I didn't want to blow-dry it this morning. Let's hear it for Mama for doing all those fancy hairstyles this week, shall we? Jewelry is pretty lame, though. My college cross necklace was the only thing I wore. Oops!
A few pictures before I sign off for the weekend, okay? We all like pictures, so it's not a big deal.
This is what rainy afternoons were made for, am I right. I'm right; just admit it. :)
And this is how I feel after this month's Challenge. Thanks a million to Emily for making this one of the most enjoyable Challenge's I've done. Great job, bestie!

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