five reads for friday

Since the Fix It Friday post, along with the picture, isn't up on the website yet, I've decided to skip this week's edit and do it along with next week's picture. Make sense? Not really? Yeah, I'm a little bit confused myself...
"Between Two Worlds" by Tiffany. Ya'll I almost cried when I read this, but I held myself together, thankfully. Never have I been able to express my thoughts on being a homeschooler, and having non-homeschooling friends, so well. Bravo, Tiffany!
"The Dog Days of Summer" by Lauren. I laughed really hard at this post, mostly because I've found my cat doing the same thing. And I may or may not have sat on the vent a couple days back myself while no one was looking. :)
"Wild Rice Salad" by Joy. This looks right up my alley, although I'm not too hot on the idea of putting yogurt on my salad. Joy's a little more adventurous for me, but that's okay. She stills has to-die-for recipes, and I can thank her for introducing me to pumpkin cookies. Seriously, those things are addicting.
"Christians on the Bible" by Davene. Ah, to be a child. Well, technically, I still am, but to see the world from a child's perspective? Sounds pretty good to me! And that picture of Santa, er, Josiah? Cute beyond words.
"The Oil Spill" by Mckmama. Um, pure photographic genius at it's finest, ya'll. Props to Sami, Mckmama's friend who took the pictures.
"I Didn't Hear Her Until Last Night" by Gussy aka Maggie. Ever hear someone say something about you over and over, but then it hits you like a brick after the 50 millionth time they've said it? Yeah, I've been there.
"I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends" by Linsday. They happen to be my friends also, and, let me tell you...Phillip (the little blond headed boy in the photos) is one of the funniest guys I know. Great job, Linds!
"Girl Time" by Davene. Oh, second mention, Davene! You must be special or something. :) By the way, I totally relate to her after I've had a good, long chat with my friends.
"I'm Beyond Excited" by Emily. I'm beyond excited for her, too! Way to go, Em. I know you waited and waited for enough money to come rolling in, and it all paid off. Why don't you readers go and tell her congrats? It'll mean a lot to her, I'm sure.
Huh. Seems like I couldn't stop at just five reads! I'm not going to change the title, though, because, really...Nine Reads for Friday doesn't have the same ring to it.


  1. Wow, thanks! Two mentions! I'm honored!! :)

    It was fun to check out the other reads on your list, too.

    I like your new blog look and your profile pic.

    Have a great weekend!! :)

  2. thanks so much, Davene! it means a lot to me when someone comments...