simple woman's daybook for july 12th

Alright, guys, you know the drill! Another Monday means another Simple Woman's Daybook, so head on over to Peggy's to read up on all the rules and regulations, then come back and type up your own post, link up and...volia! You've just participated in the blog carnival that is known as The Simple Woman's Daybook. I don't care if spell check thinks that "Daybook" isn't really a word; I'm still going with it.

For today...July 12th, 2010. Almost half-way through July, and I'm not really happy about that. Where, oh where did my summer go?
Outside my window...Cloudy, but no rain. God saved that for later...when we planned on going to the beach. Maybe it's for the best, but I'm really looking forward to it. Looks like the rain will come sooner than expected, though, so who knows.
I am thinking...About my short visit with Emmylou this morning. It was nice to just sit and talk, although Andrew was the only one who was feeling well. If you think about it, pray for them, okay? Especially Emily, since she's taking Driver's Ed for the next two weeks.
I am thankful for...Places to go and people to see this week. I hate being lazy, but mostly just staying home.
From the learning rooms...Ya'll will be so proud of me, I just know it! Before I even signed into Blogger this afternoon, I did a math lesson AND a chapter test. Who's going to pat me on the back? :)
From the kitchen...Not much. Leftover shrimp and grits for lunch, but as Mama said, we're going to have to get creative with supper tonight.
I am wearing...A red Old Navy tank top over a white one, along with some jean capris. Very casual, I know.
I am creating...Some blog posts for this week. I think there's going to be some changes over here at Simply SA, so look out for a post all about bloggy things.
I am going...A lot of places this week. Scroll down to get the complete list, okay? I mean, if you're that interested in my life and all that stuff.
I am reading...Sam just gave me a new book to read, so I'm one happy girl! Summertime books are my cup of tea, you know?
I am hoping...That the rest of the week goes well. Busy, busy us!
I am hearing...Everyone arguing about me blogging. Man, if I knew that blogging would cause much anger, I don't know if I would have started one. Apparently, Clark can't even look at a blog post without saying something mean.
Around the house...If you didn't know better, you'd think we're spring cleaning. Mama's got on a organizing kick, so everything's pulled out and being dusted off, then out back on the shelf.
One of my favorite things...Doing things for other people like we did this morning. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! :)
A few plans for the rest of the week...Baby-sitting tomorrow, visiting with family the next day, along with watching the pastor's kids on Thursday. I think we're doing something this weekend, but I'm just not sure.
A picture for thought I am sharing...Emily and I. I just can't seem to get her off my mind here lately.

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