one month birthday

Who's one month birthday (plus a couple days) is it? Well, you could say it's mine. But you could also say it's my beloved camera whom I've yet to name. Yes, I name things that are special. Don't tell me you don't!
A birthday calls for birthday pictures, no? That's exactly what I did yesterday and today. Wanna see?

This one's like some optical illusion or something, you know? You can see inside and outside...at the same time. It just blows your mind! :)

Before you think I'm really, insanely, unbelievably vain for taking almost ten pictures of myself and the camera, try taking a picture of the camera itself. Unless you have two of the same camera, it's not possible. Plus, it's just fun to take pictures in your mirror. The picture of you is a bonus. You understand where I'm coming from, right?
Also? Happy birthday camera that I've yet to name!


  1. SARAH ANNE. the seventh picture in this post blows my mind. you are so freakin' beautiful! love you <3

  2. Love the pictures Sarah-Anne! :D

    I've awarded you at my blog: