3rd snow of 2010

Ya’ll, it snowed three. times. in December. It is unheard of, and we’ve broken records left and right for the total amount of snow that’s fallen this month alone. Over 10 inches, readers. Is your mind not blown yet? Because it totally should be…

Before you get all excited, let me tell you: this wasn’t some pansy snow. It was fierce, creating near whiteout conditions, and my dad and little bro were those crazies that forgot something at the store and had to brave the roads while it was still snowing.

Ready for some pictures?

Yes, we are the people who put there pets out in the snow so they can take pictures of them/their reactions. Proof that Butter did. not. like the snow below…

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 110

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 111

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 112

All the rest of these pictures were my attempt to capture the snow piled up on everything. I fear our eyes will be screaming after you finish reading this post!

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 115

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 116

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 118

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 120

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 121

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 123

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 126

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 127

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 128

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 131Christmas20103rdSnow2010 135

Um, no more laying out for a long time, Sam! :)

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 137

Our snowman in it’s snow covered glory! It was a pretty neat idea, no?

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 139

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 143

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 144

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 145

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 148

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 150

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 151

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 152

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 164

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 167

Between bundling up and going outside to freeze our backsides off, we stayed indoors with a steaming mug of cocoa (something I only drink when it snows) and reading a “new” book borrowed from a friend…

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 172

It snowed well into the night Sunday and stopped early Monday morning. When all was said and done, we drove downtown and snapped a couple shots of the town commons. Wanna see?

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 271

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 273

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 275

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 280

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 283Christmas20103rdSnow2010 284

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 285

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 289

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 291

If you can believe it, there are more pictures. Yes, more, but I’ll spare your eyeballs. However, I have to show you this collage I made of Clarky boy:

2010-12-27 Christmas20103rdSnow20102 

Handsome little boy, he is. :)


  1. I'm a little envious of all your snow! We were hoping for more from this snow, but only got a few flakes. Bummer. Oh, well...maybe in January. ;-)

    Your town commons looks pretty!

  2. Those are really pretty photos. I wish it would snow here in Tulsa!