thanksgiving 2010: part 1

The beginning of the holiday weekend started on Thursday. We slept in, which is a rarity for me, got up and mixed and baked and cooked all sorts of things for the afternoon feast at Gran Jan’s house. Throw in watching the Macy’s day parade and switching my blog over to Christmas d├ęcor, and you’re got my Thursday morning.

After a really late breakfast, we loaded up the cooler with our yummy food, threw on some clothes and a coat or two, and set out for Gran Jan’s house. Once we got there, it was all football, cheese balls, and picture taking. Oh yeah, we did play a game or two in between stuffing our faces. :)

Cranberry sauce and the gravy boat. Somehow I managed to get 3 pictures of the food. Sorry, but it was just too yummy!

thanksgiving2010 003

thanksgiving2010 011

Gran Jan had the table set beautifully…

thanksgiving2010 004

thanksgiving2010 005

thanksgiving2010 008

After the DELIOUS meal in which I kinda, sorta, maybe ate way too much, we decided to walk it off. The rest of the pictures are basically scenes from our walk around the neighborhood. Side note: I was trying to be artistic in most of these. I do believe it was an epic fail of sorts. Thoughts?

thanksgiving2010 015

thanksgiving2010 016

thanksgiving2010 017

thanksgiving2010 025

thanksgiving2010 019

thanksgiving2010 020

thanksgiving2010 021

thanksgiving2010 023

thanksgiving2010 027

thanksgiving2010 029

thanksgiving2010 035

thanksgiving2010 037

On the way back, we stopped to say hi to Gran Jan’s neighbor. Her dog was too funny, and I do believe Gran Jan said this picture was a pose and a half. It is totally going on my photo wall, so consider it an honor, Sasha!

thanksgiving2010 041

We ended our time together with more football and a little pumpkin pie with our whipped cream. Pumpkin pie: get in my belly!

thanksgiving2010 045

And there you have it: our Turkey Day. Memories had by all…

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