christmas tree shopping

Here I am, posting about our tree that we got over 2 weeks ago. Apologies, readers. I am so behind in picture posts it’s not even remotely funny…

After Help Portrait on the 4th, the family went out to eat, then headed over to Lowe’s (our usual spot to buy the tree). Since we had been outside since 9AM, we stopped in the heated area to thaw out. It was there I discovered that there was a ECU Christmas. Believe me, I love ECU, but I was NOT going to pay 64 bucks for the tree. Still, it was pretty to photograph…

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 108

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 124

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 125

WE ARE THE PIRATES OF ECU! Okay, I’m good. :)

With rope lights in hand, we came outside and saw this:

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 115

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 116

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 117

Snow, people! On the 4th day of December, that’s unheard of. I was grinning ear to ear and snapping pictures left and right, while the rest of the world made a mad dash to the store for milk and bread.

The boys stopped to catch some snow…

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 119

…And Mama talked Clark into smiling for the camera! Can you tell they’re related or what?!

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 120

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 123

We didn’t find a tree at Lowe’s, so we headed to the second best place for a tree: Food Lion.

OMG with the tongue, boy. Keep it in your mouth where it belongs! :)

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 134

After we thought, deliberated, and listened to a father and his son talk about what movie to rent (the trees were right in front of a Redbox), we thought this was the tree…

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 130

Turns out it wasn’t, but THIS one was…

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 136

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 137

All loaded and ready to go, ya’ll! On the way home, the snow picked up and we sang Let it Snow all the way home.

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 139

Only 2 more days until Christmas!

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