christmas tree bokeh

Just a quick little blurb to let you know that, yes I am alive and haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 154

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 155

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 158

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 160

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 161

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 164

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 165

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 166

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 168

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 169

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 172

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 195

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 197

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 204

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 205

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 206


And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have movie night with the family, complete with a fire in the fireplace and popcorn in a bowl.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! :)

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