christmas eve 2010

As far back as I can remember, we’ve gone to the Stinson’s house and gathered together with friends from our former church. There is always quite a spread of food, hayrides in trailers/pick-up trucks, and some sort of game that everyone has to play.

Alas, this year the plans changed. Before Dad felt bad, we decided (and by we, I mean Dad and Clark. I was totally against it) that we’d do Christmas with my mom’s parents on Christmas Eve in order to stay home on Christmas Day.

Nothing went according to “plans”. Dad spiked a 104 temp, hallucinated that the curtains were moving in the middle of the night, soaked through the bed sheets and 3 pairs of PJ’s in 1 night, and broke out in a rash. Thus, no family Christmas.

Before you think that our Christmas weekend was all gloom and doom, I have to say it was nice, peaceful, and all of the other nice words you can think of. Kinda sorta like the pictures below…

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 020

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 019


Christmas20103rdSnow2010 021

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 024

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 027

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 028

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 036

We have a tradition that we open 1 gift on Christmas Eve after we read the Advent story, and, of course, I had to get pictures of that! Duh!

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 039

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 041

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 042

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 043

My turn! Finally, because we had to wait for Clark to change before I could open mine…

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 040

Please, oh please, ignore the puffy and makeupless face! I didn’t realize I looked so tired until now…

P.S. I got Aeropostale PJs! Love!

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 044

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 048

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 049

After we put on the Christmas PJ’s, we “help” each other put the star on the velcro Advent calendar….

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 052

…And take pictures to compare with others from years past in front the tree.

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 053

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 056

Christmas20103rdSnow2010 057

So there you have it: our non traditional (kinda sorta) Christmas Eve, complete with popcorn and a movie, chills, and fever. Thankfully, that part was reserved for Dad. :)

Up next: Christmas morning 2010, the 3rd snow of 2010 (and the 3rd snow of December) plus a recap of the year 2010. I mean, it IS almost the end of the year, you know!

P.S. Yes, I am using this post as a double for an abbreviated version of Preview Monday. Thanks for asking!


  1. had to drop a note somewhere thanking you again for doing the giveaway ~ got my earrings today, and I L.U.V. them! hope your Dad's feeling better, and that y'all had a wonderful Christmas :-)

  2. You guys are so cute!
    I hope you had a wonderful time :D