holy udpate post batman!

Alternately titled: Updates. Apparently I'm fulfilled my post name dreams, because I've always wanted to say holy fill-in-the-blanks-with-your-own-saying batman. 
A lot has happened since my last real post (i.e. a non giveaway post), so what better way to update ya'll on bloggy and personal life with a catch all post?
Ya'll aren't tired of my talking about my "illness", are you? Oh, you are? My bad. For those of you who have been away from my blog over the weekend, the short story is this: I was sick. Like, moaning and groaning on the couch sick. The kind of sick that alterantes between chills and waking up in sweat soaked sheets. As HeatheroftheEO said on her Twitter page over the weekend "the weather. i'm under it". My whole weekend/this week in a nutshell. 
New blog alerts! I've added a lot of new blog to both my dashboard and to my blog list, so let me introduce you to my new reads for the day! 

She's awesome. I mean, really awesome. She's great at fashion and such things, and she's just a sweet, positive person all around!

I believe I found her via Emily, but either way: it's one of my new favorite blogs. She is really down to earth and isn't afraid to speak her mind, and that's what I love in a blog. Oh, and she takes killer photos, too, so that helped as well... :)

She was curly hair and makes pretty necklaces. That's an automatic A in my book.
I've also been slowly adding to my playlist at the bottom of the page, completed my "About Me" page, and started to compile all my favorite posts for that particular tab. Any posts you readers want to see up there?
And...that sums it up, I do believe. Holy random update post batman! 

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