We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you the sight that greeted me as I woke up this morning…
CBS52ndSnow 144
SNOW, people! 2 snows in December? Why yes, it’s happened right here in NC. Supposedly there’s a rumor that it might snow this weekend AND sometime very near to Christmas. Excuse as I squeal and imagine all the pictures I can take…
The view out of living room windows:
CBS52ndSnow 140
CBS52ndSnow 141
The view from my room:
CBS52ndSnow 142
CBS52ndSnow 143
And the view from the backdoor:
CBS52ndSnow 145
CBS52ndSnow 146
Granted, it did stop around 10AM and switch to freezing rain/black ice on the roads, but ya’ll. It snowed twice in December. I can’t get over it…
Speaking of snow, how about those 1st snow pictures I promised a couple weeks back?
P.S. most of these were taken on the day after it snowed, which was Sunday.
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 212
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 211
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 213
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 216
The annual shoes/boots in the snow picture. It’s a tradition… :)
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 217
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 218
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 219
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 221
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 222
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 223
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 224
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 231
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 232
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 234
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 235
CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 236
And there you have it: Snow 2010! You know what my favorite thing about the snow is? It’s quiet, soft, and oh so pretty. Everything about it makes you feel peaceful and still and…happy. Ah!

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