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3 Saturdays ago Emily, Andrew, Clark, Mama and I bundled up, gathered craft supplies and set out for downtown, where we volunteered. I had to preform at least 5 hours of community service for my health class, and, somehow, I dragged my family and friends into it. :)

We were in charge (sort of) the arts and crafts table, which was outside in the tent, while the photography part was inside (click HERE to read more about it).

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 068

Andrew befriended a little girl named Amber, and it was too sweet! She wouldn’t go anywhere or do anything without him…

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 060

There was also a cartoonist, and that was a big hit with everybody!

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 063

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 064

This little boy was being a cartoonist himself… :)

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 071

Miss Lori was on the other side of the ten, helping out with the clothing/blankets drive.

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 074

Sweet Emmylou…

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 075

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 084

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 085

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 090

These two girls, along with another 3, went back and forth helping us at the craft table…

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 091

Brooke with her cartoon self (which looked A LOT like her)…

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 092

Good still shot, no?

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 093

The kiddos were pretty intent on their craft projects…

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 094

Some one who was there made a video, with still shots AND audio. Check it out!


And, to end, this is what we felt like:

CBS4HelpPortraitXMasTreeSnow 104

Haha, cracks me up every time!

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