pardon the mess...

...But I'm in the middle of simplifying the blog for the new year!
If you've clicked on my blog anytime this weekend and/or today, you've probably seen it in rare form. I'm trying to envision what I want, and I have a good idea, but no idea how to do it. :) Emily Joy was so sweet to answer my pleas via Gchat to answer a simple blogging questions, and a hour later, she emegered from my dashboard with a centered photo, new template, and a totally rearranged blog. No worries, though, because it'll be all fixed soon!
Please and thank you for putting my with my lack of blog design skills in the coming days!

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  1. It's fun to change things up, isn't it? But ack, the headache of it all! I'm glad you're getting some expert help though. That Emily Joy. She's pretty special. :)

    Can't wait to see how it all works out for you!