scenes from {last} saturday

Oh, how I love lazy Saturdays with trips to Lowe's and Sam's Club...

 {Apparently Clark has decided he doesn't like the camera anymore. Sorry, buddy, but that's not working for me...}
So, what did we do when we got home? Well, put all that money we spent at Lowe's to good use and started to paint the trimwork. Yay for that distinct wet paint smell that makes you eyes water and throat close up. Not.
 {Yes, we paint in our PJ's, so now you know.}

{It's good to know our dining room is being put to good use [we never eat in there because it's one of the coldest rooms in the house]}
Don't you just want to come on over to our house now? We'll feed you and let you play Wii in return for some good ol' fashioned manual labor! No takers? Yeah, I didn't think so... :)
Happy Saturday, readers!

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