things that make me happy

We interrupt your regularly scheduled posting {again} to bring you this post inspired by Linsday...

{1}Castle. Supposedly Castle and Beckett kiss in this long awaited episode. I'm a sucker for that kinda stuff, you know?And that was just
{2} Blogger/blogging. Because, I mean, duh! I sometimes want to cry because I feel so loved by my readers and friends I've made. Yes, I'm looking at you, Gussy, Ruthanne and Rachel {better known as Mrs.No17}. Love you girls!
{3} My camera. Another duh! I busted out that bad boy and took some pictures of the beautiful Emily this weekend and it felt. so. good. to hear the shutter click and see the end result. Pictures to come, I promise.
{4} Chuck. Apparently I have a thing for TV shows. This week's episode {after a 2 month hiatus, gasp!} was no dissapointment. Good thing I have a stuffy nose that I could blame my snifflings on that. It goes to say that it was a tear-jerker for sure.
{5} Yoga pants from Old Navy. I tumbled about it today, and I'll say it again: I wore these for two days in a row and I'm prepared to sleep in them two nights in a row as well. Don't worry, they're different pairs for each night, and I showered in between. ;)
{6} Rain. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I love it. We'll see if I think the same thing after tomorrow and Thursday {the days it's supposed to rain this week}...
I totally think Lindsay should make this a semi-regular thing, no? Go HERE and let's try and convince her that it needs to be done! 
Happy Monday, folks!

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