mini photo shoot with em

Last weekend, Emily and Andrew invited us to spend the night. Lots of Just Dance, hide and seek, eating and laughter made it a time to remember. Oh, and Colton {a family friend of theirs who stopped by for a surprise visit} only added to the fun. Memories were made, let me tell you. *UPDATE* Emily posted about it HERE. Click the link if you want to see me, Clark, Andrew, and Colton dancing, me laughing hysterically, and longest scarf known to man. But only if you want to see that. I guarantee you'll laugh.
I was too busy having a good time to bust out my camera and actually take some pictures, but Emily and I did have a mini photo shoot in our winter coats and scarfs. And by mini, I mean 20 minutes tops. Eastern NC winters are not warm, ya’ll.

{Quite the photographer, no?}
{Brown grass does not make for pretty pictures. Keep that in mind.}

I love this girl. Beautiful, no?
Thanks for the fun times, guys! It’ll certainly be a night to remember…

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