friday nights at our house

Here lately, Friday nights are full of fires, food {usually soups}, homemade dessert, and video games. Because, I mean, what's a family to do when it's 19 degrees outside?! Last weekend was no exception...
{Guitar Hero III, baby. Note: I can play right or left handed! I'm awesome.}

{Now you know our ceiling is falling down. We're working on it.}
 We all take turns like good girls and boys, but not without some, ahem, friendly competition. Usually it involves us playing the same song and seeing who can get the highest score. Oh, not to mention the screaming and trash talking that goes on... ;)

 {P.S. I have awesome form when I play. Well, at least I think so...}
 {Clark dances to the songs. Don't ask.}

 {Apparently it was wear Dad's glasses while he takes a turn night. I didn't get the memo, or you'd totally see a pic of me with the professor glasses on the blog.}
After a hour or so, Mama begs to play Just Dance, and we oblige. And yes, I can play and look back at the camera at the same time. Thanks for asking! :)

{Again, don't ask.}
Now that you've seen all those pictures of our crazy awesome Friday nights, don't you wanna come play?! I promise we're not really that crazy, but you never know...
Happy Friday, readers! You've made it to the weekend, so kudos to you. 
P.S. You'd better believe we're doing all this again tonight. We're cool like that.

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