my handsome little bro

A week ago today, we were on the way to the Nichols' house {more on that tomorrow}. Dad had meet us at our favorite place, The Coffee Shack, and had just showed us his new glasses. Since he was going out of town that weekend, and we wouldn't see him for awhile, we decided to go hang out somewhere. BUT. Before we left, I had a mini photo shoot with Clark. Because he's just so handsome...
At first, he was not into the whole shutter clicking thing...

P.S. This face was totally for show, and I couldn't help but share it. Haha!

{Discussing the stupidity of replacing the main guy, Tobey Macguire, for Spiderman 4. Absurd.}

...Then he warmed up to the idea...

Gosh, I love this dude. Too bad he's all mine for the next couple of years. Photog-wise, that is. ;)
TGIF, readers!

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  1. Aww...those are so good. :)

    I *love* your new blog design, Sarah-Anne!