today was a good day...

It really was.
But, you know, I don't think  it could've gotten worse than yesterday.
Anyway, it was better.
Wanna know why?
{I checked my email around lunch and realized I had three emails about comments I had left on other's blogs. It blesses me to see it blesses others that I comment. Plus, having emails to read always perks me up}
{I just checked it again and I had two more emails. My life is complete.}
{I rocked the homeschool world by finishing before 3PM today. And Wednesday are usually my busy days. Yay for me!}
{On that note, I did well in school today, and I'm on track to do well the rest of the week.}
Side note: The parents read my blog last night, and I think reason #5 that today was a good day was inspired by that post.
{We went to Barnes and Noble [pic below] saw some friends, and left with four new books. Squeal!}

{Today is Wednesday and that means we're halfway through the week. Fist pump.}
{Tomorrow is Thursday, and that means friend time, CBS time, and fun time all in one.}
{And then, it's the weekend and I'm chilling and reading blogs all day long. Ahhh...}
So, today was a good day.
Thanks for sticking with me as I try {and pretty much succeed} at keeping it real. 
And now, I'm off to visit with my family. I love them. 
Happy middle of the week, readers!

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