i'm one of those kids you want to stay away from if you want to stay well

Holy long title for a post, Batman! Sorry, but I couldn't even think of a short title. Bear with me, okay?

 {My view from the couch today}

The symptoms started sometime Saturday. The whole drippy nose thing and all. I had a baby-sitting job set up, and there was no. way. I was missing it, so I chugged water and a Vitamin C packet, and hey, what do you know? I feel okay for a couple hours! God really knew I needn't to feel my best, because I had three kids under 6 and the littlest decided he wanted to party all night. Fast forward to Sunday. Drippy nose, with the usual stopped up feeling, and general achyness. I made it through a visit with the grandparents and studying for chemistry, but that was the end of me.
Today? Today I'm okay. Still sick, but I was able to get going and finish school. Well, what I could do without making my head spin.  The highlight of my day, though? Emily finished my new blog header! I'm still putting the finishing touches on things, but I'm almost through and can't wait to show you around. In fact, this week is going to be "show off my new blog" week {or something like that :)}. All things will be new things I've added to my blog, so be prepared. Also? I'm totally proud of myself for thinking of this...
Happy Monday to you!

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  1. Hey girl! So sorry your sick. Get well soon and in the meantime, enjoy curling up with a big blanket and some good books. :)