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Last day of the new blog tour, readers. I'm sad, like I always am when a certain blogging theme comes to an end, but I'm also happy to see it go. I have so many pictures to put out there for the world to see my photog skills {or lack thereof}... :)
Tumblr is my new best friend. It's great for posting other blogger's posts that inspire you, tutorials, pretty photos from WeHeartit.com {not that I've braved the millions of photos that make me feel totally inadequate as a photographer. just saying}, and funny quotes. I reblog things like their going out of style. Oh, don't forget the things that are on my mind, like yoga pants and Starbuck's new size drink. In all honesty, I treat it like a Twitter page sometimes, but that's what Tumblr is: a glorified Twitter account.
So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things/posts I've gathered over the time I've have Simply Sarah Anne. Ready? Steady? Go!
Photography Tutorial @ Kevin and Amanda.com - Awesome photog tips! This was the first post I've semi-understood, and it did wonders for me.
Old Navy Yoga Pants - I'll say it once and I'll say it again. Old Navy yoga pants are awesome! For reals.
Sewing a Zippered Pouch - Another great tutorial. Maybe once I recover from sewing a reversible apron with a pattern I'll try it...
Photo Shoot via Resolved2Worship - AMAZING photos. Click the link, then click again and you'll be amazed.
Weather- One random thing on my mind, readers.
And last, but defintely not least, Starbuck's new drink size. OMG, ya'll.
And just like that, new blog week is over. Can I get an amen? :)
This post was inspired by Ruthanne. Giving credit where credit is due...

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