new blog week: pages

Who's up for Day 2 of the new blog tour? 
First is the {Home} page. If you didn't get a chance to see by blog yesterday, I blogged about the home page HERE.

Second, there's the {About Me} page. It's where I tell you all about myself and my family, with random things throw in at the end to keep things interesting. I've never had an about me page for the whole first year of this blog, so this is a big accomplishment. And to write about my family as well? A million bonus points to me. P.S. Isn't it hard to write about yourself? I mean, it's hard not to sounds vain when you write an about me page. Amen?

The third page is my contact page. It's pretty self-explanatory, actually. The Kontactr form is filled out and I'm sent a email directly to my inbox! Win win!
 Fourth is my {In My Camera Bag} page. It's under construction, but feel free to check it out and email me if you have any questions.

My fifth blog page {Blog Roll} is links to all the blogs I follow. Some have blog buttons, some don't, and I'm constantly adding new ones, so be sure to check back. Although...I do have a question for you readers: do you still want a blog list on the home page? I know people love to blog hop, so I hate to take them away from that particular page, so please, please, please let me know!
Next to last is my {The Best Of...} page, which I'm currently working on compiling yours {and my} favorite posts from this past year of blogging. Any posts that you think need to make the list? :)
 Last {and most certainly not least} is my {Giveaways} page. It's where I blog about all the GREAT giveaways going on in the blogosphere. Now, this is a page that is updated a lot, so make sure to check it every couple of days, okay? I promise you won't want to miss all the giveaways I post about!
Phew, I think that covers it! Are you still enjoying the new blog week as much as I am? :)
Happy middle of the week readers, readers! You're almost to the weekend, so consider this your virtual pat on the back. 

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