happy birthday katie!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Katie, happy birthday to youuu!! 

The big twenty-one, huh? That's a biggie. But age is just a number my dear. You've displayed an insane about of maturity that only comes from being the firstborn over the years, and you've given me all the confidence I need to work hard and serving your family in various ways. 
So, happy birthday Katie, and here's to another year of Godliness displayed through feminine maturity like you! :)


A week ago tomorrow, the Bible study girls and I threw Katie a surprise birthday party that was literally throw together the night before. It was such a fun time of fellowship along with learning about God's word. The highlight of the night had to be the pictures we took at the end of Bible Study; many thanks to Dad for sticking around an extra couple minutes to man the camera and capture the love in that room that night...

The spread aka NUTELLA & STRAWBERRIES!! Ahem, I'm good. ;)

Surprise!! And, really...she was surprised!

The guests...

 {Beautiful Emily}

{Kelly and Katie}

{Pretty Linsday, the owner of the awesome Rainbows above}

{Our lovely leading lady, the super beautiful Miss Lorraine}

After the awesome lesson on God's omnipresence, Dad & Clark showed up and we promised them cuppycakes in exchange for a few group pictures which I may or may not have told anyone about... ;)

{Left to right in all the pictures: Veronica, Me, Kelly, Katie, Linsday, Emily, Miss Lorraine, & Aubrey}

No gathering is complete without a funny face photo op. Apparently I think looking like a fish is funny...

I love how Aubrey is smiling along with Katie and we're all doing our best ::dead:: face!

There we go! Perfect serious picture!

I love these girls THIS much. For reals. We've all grown as friends, especially when I reflect on how we hardly knew each other before this past fall.

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