blogger crash

Blogger and I have always had a love hate relationship; actually, more hate than loving going on but we're not pointing fingers here. This most recent Blogger crash did nothing for our, ahem, strained relationship. I think Carlotta sums it up perfectly...

Needless to say, I'm backtracking my posts that were so very sadly taken away, along with your comments. Don't worry, all comments are in my inbox since I get them sent directly to me via Intense Database, but no comments on the ol' blog. Sad face. But! My apologies in advance for posts you've seen before the crash in your dashboard!

Happy Friday, readers!!

Pea ess: My yellow giveaway is still going strong for another week, so hurry and enter to win one of three awesome yellow prizes! And make sure to spread the word: this giveaway isn't very big so we need people to enter!! Thanks!

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