emily's birthday celebration/sleepover

Last Friday {which was my bestie's birthday for those who haven't followed the ol' blog as of late} I was invited to spend the night over at Emily's house. After we dropped the boys off at another birthday party for a friend of theirs, we loaded the car with my gear & went off in search of Kit Kats & Ginger Ale.

Once we got home, it was almost 9PM, so we dove into the cake celebration...

I think she was just a tad excited, no? ;)

Funny story: these candles were uber sensitive & you couldn't breathe on them, much less walk by them, and as we were singing Happy Birthday to her, she laughed & blew all the candles...twice!! She basically had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing because hey: we weren't on pitch/harmony AT ALL, but it was mostly me. At least my shower head likes me... ;)

::shakes head:: Those poor, poor candles...

And the cake...oh the cake!! I'm not a fan of lemon, and because of that I asked for a small piece, but man oh man was I wrong! I should've gotten a huge piece because this cake was awesome. For serious. Great job Katie!!

Since the boys weren't there to make fun of us, we stayed up late into the night watching Scotty from American Idol videos, making videos of us singing to said Scotty songs, discussing Idol, and late night texting with Katie. & when I say late night, I mean it: we were laying in head at 12:15 and all the sudden my phone vibrates and scares us silly. I finally got her to stop at 12:50. Silly girl... :)

Thanks for the memories, bestie/friend/woman and Katie!! I will cherish them forever. 

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