it's the end of the world as we know it...

...and I feel FINE!! Sorry, I just had to get that song stuck in your head so you could get feel of my weekend. Because that song had been in my head the.whole.weekend. You're welcome.

Sure, we laughed & joked about the Rapture, saying  Some people even took pictures of their empty clothes as if they just...vanished doing daily things like walking the dog or sitting on the porch. Our local radio station DJ asked his listeners what they wanted to be doing when Jesus cam back to get us; his answer was pretty thoughtful: be underwater so he shot straight up to heaven. ;)

But ya'll, this is serious. Can you imagine the millions of Christians that feel betrayed not only his followers but by Jesus himself? The hurt they feel. Those same Christians might have just walked away from their faith based on this event.

And what about Harold Camper, the guy who predicted it? To be wrong once before and then predict the end of the world AGAIN and be wrong AGAIN?! I can't imagine it.

We need to be in prayer about this, readers. While it's funny and Rapture jokes are still flying around, this is a horrible thing for Christ's church. BUT! I hope some good will come out of this and we can use this event to witness to people. Will you join me in this?

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