Grace. It's a beautiful thing.

Until a couple days ago, that word was just a word to me. A word that I knew was something big in Christian faith. Sure, I was extended grace by many and tried (and failed) to extend it to others. I took grace for granted. After tonight, I won't ever take it for granted again.

Kaley and I were oh so late to our last day of babysitting. We stayed late, obviously, and had a total toy bomb gone off to clean up. Most of the moms picked up their kids and were hurrying to get home since the Bible study was late getting out (our fault) and we looked at the mess we had to clean up. One of the moms walked in and started helping us.

We told her she didn't have to, we were late anyways, etc. We apoligized. She said "No need girls. There is grace, grace for all." I love her and almost cried because I felt so loved when I was the one to blame for being late. I didn't deserve the grace.

Then tonight happened. I was being mean and digusting myself with my human emotions because I was being bitter and harsh on others. I chatted with a friend and she told me she loved me. I was being less than friendly to her, dumping all my problems on her. I apoligized for being such a meanie, and she said "Sarah-Anne, there is grace. I am extending grace to you because I LOVE YOU."

I cried. I don't deserve God's love, my family and friend's love, and for sure don't deserve the grace they all extend. It's so overwhelming, and so comforting. Anytime someone says "Oh it's okay, don't worry about it!" that's grace being extended.

Grace. It's a beautiful thing.


  1. Amazing grace... I needed this tonight! Thank you!

  2. Love this post! I'm new here, and I just adore your blog! I'm off to stalk the rest of your site... Have a wonderful weekend, sugar! xo