ACTS this month was at the Everharts...and even though it rained for the whole time, we had a blast out on the porch just laughing and enjoying each other's company. Here are some random snippets of that night...

On the way..it rained. And it was very loud. VERY.LOUD.

  FOOD! More specifically: CHOCOLATE!

And carbs. Sam and I killed the Rice Krispies. 


Azzie & Kelly

Abbey and Becca

Erika. Cutie!

Rebecca. I love that girl. And her very attractive faces.

Parker & Rachel who apparently forgot how to be normal. Ha. I love them both. 

It got cold, so I went inside and found out I really love couches. They're just so much softer than wicker chairs. Who knew?!

Miss Katie.

We are teenagers. Thus, we have our cell phones out constantly.
 Let me tell ya about Abbey...She is my Tumblr buddy, my Doctor Who soulmate. We also danced at prom and it was awesome. She lives about 45 minutes away so I don't get to see her often, and since she's going to do STC at the Bible Institute in Florida, I won't get to see her pretty face until July. Thus, I annoyed the snot out of her and chatted it up this Sunday. Love you Abbey!

We ended the night with a very cold bus ride back to the church in which I was not the only one cold...Sam and Hannah were too! That never happens ya'll. I'm always the one freezing.

But where was I? Oh yeah, ACTS. It was fantastic as always. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my youth group friends?! No? Well, I LOVE MY YOUTH GROUP FRIENDS.

You're welcome.


  1. Youth group activities are the best. :)

    At my youth group, we aren't allowed to have our phones out. haha. They say they want us involved in the activity, not somewhere else lol.

    It looks like you have great friends! :)

  2. BAHAHA Sarah-Anne, I love the one of me laughing. So realistic.