little furballs

Around the time Bullet started to get sick, we noticed lots of stray cats hanging around. We named a couple, but sadly our favorite tiny one, Peanut, was run over and the cats dissappeared. Fast forward a couple more months and the one we called Oreo showed up looking awful plump. Again, skip over to the second week of April and we find 5 kittens in our little pumphouse by the pool.

Like any good people, we feed Oreo and looked in on her kittens daily...and when she decided to go party and leave her babies behind for most of the day, we took it upon ourselves to water down kitten food and hand feed them. Thankfully, they got the hang of it pretty quick and feeding them turns into a 30 minute play time full of pure cuteness. Holding them instantly brightens my day after a morning of work.

Meet Annie...



...and Tony. 
I KNOW RIGHT?! Death from kitten cuteness.

Annie was the one that was the last to start eating, but she makes the absolute CUTEST little squirrel noise when she plays with her golf ball and loves to have her belly rubbed. Peeta is the fluffiest and follows in his crazy brother Tony's footsteps...being the bullies and making trouble (which is mostly scaling the pen [and even your legs] and hiding behind the freezer in the garage).  And then there's little Twig, the runt. She is so content, calm, and fits in one hand even though she's doubled in size since we first knew about her.

So does anyone want a kitten?! ;)


  1. Oh, the cuteness! I want one so bad!! Love the names, by the way. ;)

  2. YOU NAMED A KITTEN PEETA?!?!?!?!?!?! That's about the best thing I've heard all day :)

  3. They are SO precious...I really, really want a kitten {I have for awhile now, actually.}.
    I'll ask my parents...can't hurt to try, anyway, even though it is probably hopeless. ::laughs::

    <3 Moriah

  4. Yes! Can I have Peeta please!!! He's so cute!!! If only we lived closer i'd come get him right away!