oh hi there june!

per usual, the seizure-inducing june GIF is from my Tumblr.

It's Juneee, peoples. AKA...MAH BIRFDAY MONTH!

(I apologize for the annoying caps and crazy spelling. Birthdays make me a little cray cray.)

In addition to little ol' me turning 17 (say what?!), about a billion of my other friends and cousins are June babies. Summer kicks off on the 21st, we start watching the Woodleys, Clark goes off to a local camp for a week, and I workworkwork. Oh yeah, and the WOL Camp 2012 countdown starts.

And, to go with a new month, it's a whole new blog look. Blues and greens to cool things down for the summer months. I was getting tired of looking at myself and don't even try to say ya'll weren't tired of me staring at you every time you opened my blog. So I shook things up a little and gave ya'll a little break from the many faces of SA.

EDIT: the blog was SUPER wonky yesterday and today, and after some help from Emily, all is right! What do you think?