birthday wishlist

GUISE! My 17th birthday is next Tuesday. What even?! I just turned 16...I mean, I just had my sweet sixteen party at the Coffee Shack and ate lots of cheesecake and had Kaley over for a girls afternoon. But yet here we are, a year later and I'm dreaming up a break the bank birthday list. But ya know, a girl can dream right?

TOMS {link} iPod nano {link} Ray-Bans {link} Vera Bradlet wristlet {link}

So yes, all these things would be so great to have, but there's nothing more that I really want for my birthday than being surrounded by my family and friends!

pea ess: none of these images are mine...i captured them from the respective websites and linked back so please don't turn me in for whatever that internet "crime" is called. that would be a super great birthday present.  the collage was made on picmonkey, aka the best thing ever. try it sometime. and so ends my unsponsored fangirling about a collage making website.

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  1. Oh my word, I have that Vera! Except mine is in a Very Berry Paisley, or something like that :) I got it for my 15th birthday, and I LOVED it! I thought about buying the one without the cell phone holder, but I'm so glad I did! It's incredibly helpful! The only thing I didn't like about it was the bills wouldn't lay flat, and I'm kind of OCD about that ;)

    LOVE those sunglasses too!