how I spent my Saturday afternoon

{L to R: Sam, Jack, Clark, Veronica, Dad, Grace Samantha, MK, Conner, Rachel, Erika, Mama and there in the front yours truly and Kaley}

With all my amazing youth group friends (minus the STCer's...missed you guys SO MUCH!) at my 17th birthday party.

Full birthday party post coming. For now, I'm off to find an ice pack (long story) and eat some more cake because sugar makes pain go away. Or at least less noticeable.


  1. haha...that look like fun! great way to spend your party! wow, i can't believe your seventeen... :)

  2. Awww.. Looks like you guys had a blast! Wish I could have made it. I think this was the first birthday party I've missed since we've known each other...sad face. Sorry I missed it, girl! Happy 17th Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love much,