It's officially summer you guys. This week we started hanging out with the Woodley kids, Sam & Caleb, again and I forgot just how much I love those crazy kids just like I do every summer. I got the honor of being in charge to end out the week, and lots of Poptarts were consumed, movies were watched, Xbox was played, and laughs were (loudly) heard. Good times.

Grilled cheese & strawberries. Lunch of champions. 

All the craziness was fueled by Pepsi.

Caleb is a creeper. 

Did I mentioned I love this two blonde kiddos very very much? I'll miss them since they're leaving on Saturday for a week long beach vacation!


  1. YAY FOR SUMMER!!! These pictures are so fun! I love the one of the strawberries :)


  2. oh i love looking after little friends! looks like fun :D