installment four of the beach dresses

{Dress} Local beach shop {Belt} Hand-me-down {Shoes} Sam's

I promise ya'll won't be subjected to anymore of my remenising about how I came to collect all my favorite dresses from the local beach shop we go to every year. Even though I have six of them and I've only shown you four. After this story I'll keep my sappy stories to myself.

This was the first dress I ever bought at the Dragonfly Boutique, and it was on the clearance rack because the arm holes somehow ended up at your belly button. I was determined to fix it because it was lavender aka my VERY FAVORITE COLOR. and sewed about an inch and a half on both sides in order for it to fit. Now it's the longer longer dress I wear because it is so comfy.

May my readers find their perfect summer dress and wear it every week of the summer like I do.

Pea Ess: Notice the long-ish (for me) hair?! It's growing guys! I'm so excited for it to grow out again...I can't wait to try out my hand at fishtailing my OWN hair and wearing a sock bun and all the things you can't do with a short hair cut. Which is basically anything but ya know.


  1. wow, that dress is superb! i'd love one exactly like that...do you think they'd sell that dress here in australia?!

  2. ohmygoodness!! I LOVE that dress!! want it!!! ;)


  3. cutie!! :)
    i wish i could pull off lavender, it's such a pretty color but it just doesn't like me...