cbs sharing day {5.9.13}

Praying over the day.
Mom did an AMAZING job decorating the CM tables.
So many thank you notes...I should've been thanking THEM.

Today really was our last day...sharing day. Up until two years ago, I didn't come to sharing day, but the ones I have been able to come to I have loved. This year was obviously pretty dang full of memories and emotions since it would be the last one I'd be at. We were thanked for our work, got to hear some of the moms CBS testimonies, and eat some REALLY good food. And then it was over and I cried.

I was so blessed by this ministry, and will continue to be because I know that I'll still have these people in my life whenever I need prayer or a chat over a cup of tea (thank you second mom, Miss Beth!). All I can say is a huge THANK YOU to everyone at CBS, no matter if they were in the leadership or if they simply attended, and most of all to Him.

Onto a new chapter in life...kind of excited, kind of nervous. But I know that the foundation CBS gave me with help me through all of it.

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