a friday off {2.8.13}

These are the things I do when I have an extremely rare Friday off...

Slept until noon. Apparently I was tired.

messy top knots FTW.

Sat around in polar  bear jammies all day long.

 Watched copious amounts of Doctor Who (rewatching it for the 5th time). 
In case you can't read the episode summaries up there, I said goodbye
to Nine ::sobs:: and hello to Ten.

Licked the brownie batter bowl. 

Just a few captures of what I did today. Which was nothing, really. No school (I KNOW)...AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. Except when I cleaned the kitchen, washed ALL dirty clothes, and scrubbed the toilet. I didn't take pictures of those glamorous jobs. You're welcome.

Happy Friday, readers.

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  1. Doctor Who is the best TV show ever. In the world. Ever.