on balancing life and such.

In my case, balancing work and school and relationships and BASICALLY LIFE. And really, can you ever balance it? Nope, but you have to try. Chances are, you fail. But that doesn't mean you give up, you do the opposite. You gotta keep going and trust that God's going to work everything out. And He always does.

You have to go with the flow and learn that YOUR plan for the day will more than likely not happen. You've do things when your schedule allows instead of when it's convenient for you. You might end up polishing up assignments in the hallways before class or doing a test after you get at nine o'clock.

That's tough for this girl...I thrive on routine and get thrown into a tail spin when things change. It's amazing how stressed I get because there is a deteour I didn't know about, the parking spot I normally go to at work is blocked off or I'm not where I normally am on the line-up.

I'm slowing learning how to balance all the things God's blessed me with to keep me busy because oh boy am I busy. Working 20+ hours, having two classes on campus, planning out what you're going to major in and being accepted into an Honors Society, being heavily involved in WOL, volunteering/babysitting/taking pictures for CBS, and then hey! Being a good daughter and helping around the house, being a good friend and hanging out like any regular teenager.

It's a busy life. But it's MINE and I really flippin' love it.

pea ess: found this post one night when I was scrolling through my drafts. I polished it up and stuck a selfie from IG on here. just thought I'd give you a little insight as to what's going on in my life.

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