valentine's day {2.14.13}

Forget a fancy date that meant getting all dressed up and reservations and just the time involved in making the plans for one single night. Instead, I'm down for a night with the gang. Yep, I'm in a gang with Rachel, Kaley, and Conner. THUG LYFE FOREVA.

I convinced Kaley to get hipster tea. Booyah.

Tea twins!

And then we went to Big Bubba's Burgers. So totally romantic, am I right? Nothing like tons of meat and donuts and cookies for date night food. Awww yeah.

So much beef.

Chugged that Dr. P.

As the waitress said, Conner took off all the garden & added all the meat.



Oh yeah, and I got engaged. No biggie.

How was your Valentine's Day, readers? Awesome? I sure hope so.

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