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It's been awhile since I last posted about what's going on in this life o' mine.  Late October, to be exact. Even though you basically know {and can guess the rest} what goes on day to day in my life, I thought I'd sit down and type it all out in one post.

1} First and foremost, school is the biggest thing right now. Last semester was a whirlwind semester, what with my two college classes {which I aced. Yay for me!}, two bible studies, reading, geometry, chemistry and latin. This semester is much more laid-back, just focusing on geometry and chemistry {which I was struggling in, to say the least}.

Mama and I have begun to sit down and watch my math video and work the problems together, and it's made the world of a difference. In fact, if it doesn't work out for us to sit down and work on a lesson that day, I simply don't do a lesson. I love working on it with her that much. As for my other big subject, I'm pleased to say that I'm done with the co-op part of chemistry FOREVAH!! Sure, I still have to read the final module, do study notes, and take 2 tests, but I'm done with that co-op. I have my Fridays back!! ::cue the cartwheels, throwing of confetti and general merrymaking::

2} Community Bible Study! Of course, CBS is the second biggest thing in my life. Some things never change... :) I am in love with volunteering there now more than ever. It's my second {almost 3rd} year working with sweet, sweet, sweet Martha Duke, and I fully plan on doing it throughout high school until I can become a teacher when I'm eighteen. Who knows? Maybe I'll think about doing a higher position!

Another perk to CBS {as if it could get any better} is all my mom friends there. All of the kids I've baby-sat for are from CBS families, and I love each and every one of those kiddos, along with their moms. I'm trying to take all the things I learn from the Godly women I have relationships with and be like all of them when I grow up.

Sadly, CBS is coming to a close in a couple weeks. This year was awesome and will always be one to remember, but hey, all things must come to an end, even for the summer months. That's not to say there won't be CBS planning going on throughout the summer, because it most definitely will.

3} Homemaker-in-training coming through! Switching gears to more recent times, when I'm not working on schoolwork, volunteering at CBS, or hanging out with some friends {which isn't real often, but it makes it all the more special when i get together with them}, I'm helping out around the house with chores and such. Unloading the dishwasher, loading it back, washing dinner dishes, cleaning up after dinner as well...the list goes on.  :) I just made a revised chore list to put on the fridge and I was amazed that I do that many chores since I used to hate chores. Now, I kinda like them. It's prep for when I get married, and I have to catch myself sometimes and think "What will my hubby think if I treat him this way when he gets home. I need to welcome him home with open arms, not be crabby. I don't want to come home and the living room be a mess and the sink full of dishes, so what makes me think HE'D want to?!" I'm so thankful that I get to live here for several more years and get in all the prep I need to become the wife God wants me to be, because I definitely need it...

4} Projects, projects, projects! I'm not crafty by any means, but I was able to participate in Emily's apron swap. Let's just say that making a reversible apron without a pattern and only sewing on a friend's machine = a very belated apron to my apron swap partner Emily Elizabeth. My apron I received is gorgeous and it's hanging in my room so I can admire it for all my days. :) My next sewing projects are going to be a new camera strap, THIS ruffled tote bag and THIS skirt tutorial. Oh yes; ruffled goodness!!

5} Handy man, er, woman coming at ya! Lastly, I've had a couple oddball jobs around the house. Spring cleaning was completed a couple weeks back {mostly a through dusting/vaccumming and rearranging of closets/drawers}, switching out my photos on my photo wall, and making an event board. Fun stuff!

And there you have it. My life, not in a nutshell, not in a short and sweet post. ;)

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