happy birthday aunt ann marie!

{the most recent pic I have of my fave aunt. someone doesn't like their photo taken...}
{happy birthday to you}
{happy birthday to you}
{happy birthday to you, aunt Ann Marie}
{happy birthday to you}
First off, a huge apology to the lateness of your birthday post. Apparently I can't keep dates straight and forgot about your birthday. Forgive me? :)
All apologizes aside, here's your official birthday post. I could say all that sappy stuff, like how I really enjoyed talking to you when we went to McDonald's to pick up dinner. I could even talk about how I recieved a compliment from a friend of yours {Kim Everett} who said I looked a lot like you, or I could ramble on about epic Just Dance sessions to "Fame" and "Womanizer". Oh, and who could forget talking about glasses while watching the boys trying to touch their eyeballs to demonstrate they could put contacts in. And what about when we went disc golfing and wimped out to go sit in the car {in our defense, it was freezing and we had to go to the bathroom while we were in the middle of the woods. a search for a bathroom and a heated place was in order} Good times. 
Although that stuff is great, but here's what I really want to say: I'm thankful you're such a cool, fun aunt and can't wait for the next time we get to hang out with our families. Happy, happy, happy birthday!

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